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Never received

Very tasty

Love these, one of my favourites from Plant Pops


Honestly it was too peperry for my personal taste. That is why the less stars but still crunchy n taste natural flavours.


My favourite go to these days. I like peanut butter anyways. Tastes of peanuts and is crunchy what more do u want. 😋


They were soo delicious I just finished the whole pack in one go 😅😅😅 will order more

Very tasty

Loved these, very tasty and not too over the top with taste

Addictive little snacks!

My son has autism and likes eating the same thing on repeat. And that thing is peanut butter lotus seed bites…I have to admit they are delicious and am rather partial to them myself!

Not for me

Really not a fan of this flavour,

Didn't like them but that not to say other people won't

Salted are my favourite.

These are sooo good I’m obsessed wish I tried them sooner! Yummy 😊

Omg these are amazing

Omg these r so moreish, I could eat them all day. They are not over the top in flavour, but there is enough.
I would recommend these to everyone, they really r delicious

Peanut butter flavour delicious; salted too salty & spicy revolting, sorry. Thank you though, great idea.

These are so tasty!
Ideal for me too as I'm diabetic.

The best healthy snack eve!!

I never thought I. Oh do be snacking on something as good as these and feel good about it as it doesn’t have any process ingredients. The cheese and pepper chickpeas puffs are to die for! The pops are perfect too! Especially the salty and peanut butter one. Will be ordering more when I run out 🙂

Lovely snacks

Love these but didn’t realise I had ordered share bags, soo opp a little disappointed tbh, as I liked the 20g bags at lunch time in work.

Great flavour

Love them. Not too strong. The Rounds are my favourite.

Jayne Mccreery

First time trying these and I’m pleasantly surprised just how nice and light they are. I brought the variety box and loved all three flavours.

So damn good!

I wasn’t sure what to expect of these, but they are absolutely incredible. Crunchy, light, with a delicious flavour. They’re now a staple snack for my work drawer

Nice flavours

Bought the three flavours just a few bags in crunch pieces so not satisfied as whole lotus seeds, overall all three taste great

My favourite snack

I love love love these and they are 100% my fav snacks and a bit different from every other snack

Great for snacking 😊

Absolutely love these peanut butter snacks.
Very popular in our family now


Great value and speedy delivery. Taste fabulous with a nice little kick to them..

Could taste better

Really disappointed with these. Was looking forward to a lovely peanut butter taste but unfortunately they weren't very tasty, Unlike the salt and vinegar ones


Nice snack