Hi! I’m Anushi, founder of Plant Pops.

Growing up in India, my family enjoyed delicious, homemade snacks such as popped lotus seeds.

I wanted these childhood snacks to become a staple for everyone, just like they had been for me. So after spending months recipe testing in my kitchen with oven full after oven full of popped lotus seeds, I started making them for my friends in the UK who absolutely loved them.

My best friend Ash was one of the first to get hooked onto them and we decided to start Plant Pops to add adventure and excitement into everyday snacking.

We’re committed to making delicious snacks that are good for you, without any compromise on taste and flavour.

I can’t wait for you to try our Plant Pops and join us on our snacking adventure.


Snacks that give back

We wanted our snacks to be more than just food, and ensure that they give back.

Our partnership with Action Village India means each pack of popped lotus seeds sold helps give back. A portion of our profits go to farmers and their families in Bihar, India (where we source our lotus seeds from).

The farmers who harvest our lotus seeds, and the communities that help create the product are incredibly important to us. We are committed to supporting and giving back to these communities.

Check out the amazing work Action Village India are doing here