Our Story

You’ve probably noticed by now that our snacks are kind of quirky, and I guess you might be wondering what inspired them!

Well, in short, the answer is… me - Anushi! ‘Professional’ snacker and founder of Plant Pops!

Growing up in India, I spent my childhood crunching on the most amazing homemade snacks, which had a mind-blowingly crunchy texture!

I was pretty surprised that I couldn’t find my favourite snacks in the UK, and that most people I asked had never even heard of them…

As you can imagine, I spent literally years craving that homegrown crunch and eventually, I got bored of waiting. I wanted to make my favourite childhood snacks a staple for everyone, so why not just start making my own?

After a LOT of recipe testing in my kitchen, I soon perfected our delicious popped lotus seeds and found my friends couldn't resist the punchy flavours either.

So along with my good friend Ash, we began our Plant Pops journey, looking to change the whole UK snacksperience with a range of new mega-crunchy ingredients and authentically addictive tastes… 

The snack world’s about to get a lot crunchier!

Snacks That Give Back

Most of our unique ingredients are sourced from around the world, but for the best snacksperience possible, our Lotus Seed Bites need to be 100% authentic.

But taking this produce and not giving back to the communities that grew them? It just doesn’t sit right with us, as we believe you should always give back

.Through our partnership with Action Village India, we make sure a portion of the profits from every pack of Lotus Seed Bites goes to the farmers and families of Bihar, India - the region where we source our delicious popped lotus seeds.

We couldn’t do it without them and so we’re wholly committed to supporting their community.

Check out the amazing work Action Village India is doing here.